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Dali M4/RC0 Planning Meeting - summary

Attendees: Neil Hauge, Paul Fullbright, Tran Le, Karen Moore, Rick Sapir, Markus Kuppe, Shaun Smith, Brian Vosburgh

Completed items in M3

  • persistence.xml support
    • Add persistence ->creates base template for persistence.xml
    • Validation
    • Manual synching
  • Support for Inheritance (staged approach)
    • Single Table inheritance first
    • Join (Partial support)
  • Usability
    • Persistence perspective rearranged
    • Re-login to the database, login as required (off-line support, enhance
  • Priority list to prevent errors for features we don’t yet support
    • SecondaryTable error – bug#136379
    • Add EmbeddedId annotation – w/out problems support (Karen) - Complete

Unfinished Items

Projected Milestone 4: June 4, 2006

  • Gracefully handle refactoring (Paul) 12 days
  • Finish minimum inheritance support (PKJoinColumns, problems) (Karen) 7 days
  • Fix sequence generation support (Karen) (5 days)
    • Phase 1 – fixing population issues; minimum requirement – change default UI issue
    • Phase 2 – Auto-fill, linking (usability)
  • Finish Temporal (Brian) 2 days
  • Finish DB connection prompting - 2 days (Tran)
  • Change EntityGen to support EmbeddedId instead of IdClass (Brian) 2 days
  • EmbeddedId problem support – 3 days (Tran – look at bug 137802)
  • Look into WTP validator framework problem, if fixed, we should switch our problems to the validation framework (if times allows) (Paul)
  • ReadOnly support - (Read Only support) 8 days (Brian)
  • SecondaryTable support – 7 days (Tran/Karen/Neil) Maybe this could be split up somehow?

Feature Priority Results:

Suggestions from the community: Work toward the spec examples.


  • EmbeddedID, associated problems
  • Fix sequence generation support
  • Usability
    • Enhance sequence support (usability)
  • Priority list to prevent errors for features we don’t yet support
    • Could convert applicable errors to warnings if we know they could be applied incorrectly
    • Schema/Catalog annotation – how can we avoid errors when this is specified – warning to say we are not validating or hook into problems with existing model support
  • Priority refactoring
    • UI test conversion?
  • SecondaryTable support
  • Temporal (also should be in entity gen / ddl gen)
    • MapKey


  • Look into JUnit testing
  • Quick fixes for base cases (eventually support anything with a choice of values)
  • auto-synching persistence.xml
  • Support for IdClass, associated problems (put problems on the IdClass annotation)
  • Persistence Project creation
  • Moving to WTP Facets
  • Moving to WTP Validation Framework
  • Persistence.xml
    • Rich UI Editing
    • Extended XML editing
  • Finish translation support (ensure all applicable strings are externalized)
  • Complete sequence support (usability)
  • Integration with Java refactoring - Need use cases for what to do…Log in existing ER (Shaun to start this off) 136333(JDT dependent bug)
  • Lob
  • Enumerated
  • Tabbed Property Pane
  • UI Binding (Markus investigating)


  • Cascade array
  • Generator Library
  • Callbacks support
  • Schema/Catalog annotation


  • SequenceGenerators are only support when with Id.

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