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DTP project meeting, March 14, 2012

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  • Linda Chan (Actuate)
  • Brian Payton (IBM)


  • Now that DTP 1.9.2 has been released, we need to update the DTP Eclipse project meta-data for DTP 1.10
  • We have heard through the grapevine that SAP is looking for an Eclipse project in which to donate a plugin for OData (Open Data Protocol, see The DTP project might make sense as the hosting project.
  • A DTP user has reported a problem where catalog information is returned in an unexpected order in the Data Source Explorer. However this problem seems to be limited to Windows 7. We will ask them to provide more information, and to try to reproduce the problem with a stand-alone JDBC program.
  • The next scheduled DTP project meeting, March 28, occurs during EclipseCon week. We will move the meeting to the following week, April 4.

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