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DTP project meeting, June 20, 2013

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  • Linda Chan (Actuate)
  • Brian Payton (IBM)


  • Linda will ask the Build team to do the build renames and move old builds to the archive for the 1.11.0/Kepler release.
  • We need to document the service release schedule on the DTP wiki.
  • Linda has added the Bugzilla entries for the new releases. Brian will update the project metadata to indicate the current release for the projects.
  • Brian responded to a couple of DTP newsgroup appends. There are many more waiting for responses.
  • We should go through the bug list and get rid of those that we have no plan to fix or are now invalid. Brian will schedule some time with Linda to go through the bug list together.
  • We will set the SR1 schedule at the next DTP meeting.

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