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DTP Requirements Council Nov 8 2006

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  • John Graham
  • Neil Hauge
  • Linda Chan
  • Sheila Sholars


  • Collect suggestions/comments for DTP for Europa and beyond
  • Hear from current WTP RDB (Relational Database) component users/extenders about questions/concerns of transitioning to DTP


  • Neil provided an update on Dali efforts to use DTP. Specific requests:
    • Offline database support, as in WTP/rdb. This is a wtp-parity item we hope to meet in DTP 1.0.
    • Change notification from SQL model. Need ability to filter, and perhaps higher-level event aggregation of model and connection events.
  • Mentioned the Connectivity UI discussion happening now on the Connectivity wiki
  • Update on the Visual SQL Query Builder contribution: discussed the need to make the expression editor component generic.

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