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*Linda Chan
*Linda Chan
*Sheila Sholars
*Sheila Sholars
*Brian Payton
*Brian Fitzpatrick

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  • John Graham
  • Larry Dunnell
  • Linda Chan
  • Sheila Sholars
  • Brian Payton
  • Brian Fitzpatrick



  • DTP PMC Chair transition
    • Brian Fitzpatrick has been elected as the next DTP PMC chair.
    • Conference call number for DTP meetings will change starting next week, 4/7. This number has been sent out in email this morning.
    • Questions/Concerns about transition?
  • DTP 1.6M6 status
    • BZ224828: Duplicate folders in database content providers
    • BZ223500: Deadlock when connecting to database
    • Suggestion is to test DTP 3/31 build this week, address these and other bugs, and then spin another promotion on Friday (which means mid-Thursday deadline for commits). Need to avoid thrashing (fix bug -> promote -> find bug -> ...), since this causes a lot of work for downstream Ganymede dependencies and hurts DTP credibility.
  • Open discussion


  • Items from agenda

Action Items

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