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DTP PMC and Project Lead Meeting: November 12, 2007

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  • John Graham
  • Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Linda Chan
  • Sheila Sholars
  • Brian Payton
  • Der-Ping Chou


  • Hung Hsi


  • Announcement: DTP 1.6 build instructions posted.
  • (John): Update from Planning Council meeting last week
    • Monitor cross project bugs in BZ for Ganymede
    • Improve ease-of-use/out-of-box experience
    • Concentration on package, rather than project, testing
    • Distribution of responsibility for packages
    • Look at usability guidelines (to be posted) and make best faith effort
    • SQL Query Builder for UI review (?)
    • +1 day for +1 dependencies starting with M5. M4 keeps the same schedule.
    • Rest of M and RC dates now available. Will alert DTP when posted on Ganymede page.
    • Release target is 6/25 (W)
    • IP deadline likely on 1/31 for Ganymede
    • There might be a translation service provided by Babel:
      • Projects provide properties files
      • Babel community translates
      • Projects consume and package translation fragments
    • DTP 1.5.2:
      • +1 on 2/20
      • Release on 2/28
  • (John): Update from EclipseWorld
  • Discussion about proposed Zend contribution to DTP: BZ208203
  • Open discussion


  • (John): Announcements and reviews from Agenda
  • Request to consider Zend contribution and the fundamental questions for DTP that it raises.

Action Items

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