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DTP PMC Meeting November 7, 2006

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  • John Graham
  • Sheila Sholars
  • Linda Chan


  • Discussion about EclipseCon 2007 "unfair" debate
  • Update on Orbit meeting from November 7
  • Update on Architecture Council "Component Catalog" initiative
  • Discussion about possible point release in 7Q1
    • Some features might not make DTP 1.0 release date
    • DTP 1.0 is about API, and we are on target for this
    • Additional feature release in 7Q1 might be useful
    • Status: No decision whether to schedule this release or not
  • Discussion about target platforms:
    • DTP 1.0: Eclipse 3.2.1
    • DTP 1.x: If we have this in 7Q1, then Eclipse 3.2.1. If possible, Eclipse 3.3 too
    • DTP 1.5: Eclipse 3.3. If possible, Eclipse 3.2.1 too
  • What is the starting date for Europa builds?
    • According to the Planning Council, it is after the platform M4 build (12/15)
    • DTP must document a build within a week after platform M4 that works on M4
    • In a perfect world, DTP HEAD works on M4 without modification
    • We might have to tweak DTP HEAD and, at worst, branch to accomodate 3.3 changes
    • Plan is to monitor integration builds toward platform M4 and see what happens
  • Reminder: Requirements Council calls tonight and tomorrow

Action Items

  • John: Send out notification of Requirements Council calls to known DTP extenders

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