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DTP PMC Meeting May 29, 2007

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  • John Graham
  • Sheila Sholars
  • Linda Chan


  • (John): Update on DTP 1.5RC2
  • (John): More fun with features...
  • (Sheila): Update from IBM testing on 5/24-25
  • Final check on DTP 1.5 Release Review


  • DTP 1.5RC2 candidate is on the download site for testing today
  • Some consideration about perhaps making an "end-user" wrapper feature or separate category to hide the sheer number of DTP features from Europa users
  • IBM testing on 5/24-5/25 went well; a number of bugs filed
  • DTP 1.5 release review will be sent to EMO tomorrow morning

Action Items

  • (John): Create list of inactive committers
    • Update, 6/5: Done. Found in agenda for 6/5 PMC meeting.
  • (John): Ask Bjorn about the committer lists on the portal
    • Update, 6/4: Done. A request has been made to Eclipse Legal to correct the list.
  • (John): Prototype end user feature/support category for RC3
    • Update, 6/5: Done. Proposal found in agenda for 6/5 PMC meeting.

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