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***Dirk le Roux
***Dirk le Roux
***Unknown (appear in portal:Connectivity)
**Unknown (appear in portal:Connectivity)
***Zheng Lin
***Zheng Lin
==Action Items==
==Action Items==

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  • (John): Rob Cernich resigns as Connectivity lead. I have nominated Brian Fitzpatrick to be the next Connectivity lead: needs PMC approval before informing EMO of this change.
  • (John): Report on inactive committers:
    • Actuate:
      • Gary Gong
      • Gary Xue
      • Jiao Qiang Luo
    • IBM:
      • Christian Kadner
      • Gilles Roux
      • Rupesh Kartha
    • Sybase:
      • Daniel Huang
      • Karl Reti
    • Versant:
      • Dirk le Roux
    • Unknown (appear in portal:Connectivity)
      • Zheng Lin


Action Items

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