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DTP PMC Meeting February 26, 2008

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  • John Graham
  • Sheila Sholars
  • Linda Chan



  • Review of DTP 1.6 Rampdown Policy
  • Proposed build transition schedule:
    • Week of Feb 25 (this week):
      • Xiaoying's committer election will complete, and then she'll have access to the necessary DTP areas. [Done]
      • John to ask that an "org.eclipse.datatools.releng" component be created. [Done]
      • John to create a wiki page with the changes that will occur when the build transitions over. Three things that come to mind are (a) use of map files, (b) use of ".qualifier" and (c) the format of the version string. John will create the initial version of this page and then ask Xiaoying to review it for correctness/completeness. [Done]
    • Week of March 3:
      • John to inform the DTP community about the pending build transition, and explain the changes (on the wiki page) that will result.
      • John to spin through the DTP code line and change the version to use ".qualifier." The current build system will then begin to stamp all plug-ins with a current date qualifier.
      • Wed -- Fri: A couple of parallel builds available to the community for testing and comparison.
    • Week of March 10:
      • Switch over to Xiaoying's build system and stop producing builds the current way.
  • Meeting at EclipseCon?


  • Items from agenda
  • Updates to rampdown policy pending

Action Items

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