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DTP PMC Meeting December 11, 2007

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(Face to face meeting in San Francisco area)

  • John Graham
  • Linda Chan
  • Sheila Sholars



  • DTP 1.5.2/1.6 status and plans
  • Update on SAP MaxDB contribution (BZ197806)
  • DTP Incubator proposal update
  • Milestone Sign-off policy for Ganymede
  • Connectivity wizards usability
    • Current status
    • Planning for Ganymede
  • Data Modeling proposal (BZ211987)
    • Overview
    • Process planning
  • New DTP web site
    • Overview
    • Update plans
  • EclipseCon update and community outreach
  • Post DTP 1.6: General future direction


  • Brian Fitzpatrick will re-join the Connectivity team on 12/17
  • SAP MaxDB contribution IP approved; need to get that component team in place
  • John needs to schedule DTP Incubator creation review
  • Discussion about Modeling proposal
  • Discussion about Connectivity wizards usability
  • Agreement on Milestone Sign-off policy for Ganymede with exclusion for Enablement

Action Items

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