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DTP PMC Meeting, June 3, 2008

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  • Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Linda Chan
  • Sheila Sholars
  • John Graham



  • Ganymede Review Call and IP Clearance tomorrow - DTP has passed IP inspection, slides are done, just have to attend and go through the formality
  • Short Ganymede videos - doing one to highlight usability changes and have pinged Brian Payton to do one for the SQL Query Builder - what else do we want to feature as part of this a "What's New?" approach?
  • Maintenance release dates? 1.6.1 - Wednesday September 24 - September/Fall release, and 1.6.2 - Wednesday February 25 - February/Winter release - ok with everybody?
  • Branching/timing - after RC4?
  • Moving to Subversion? Technical advantages?
    • Standard folder structure to help with common builds?
  • Posted jarred plug-in for TVT team to test bug 233298 against, but no response yet
  • Open discussion


  • Eclipse Ganymede Video - Intro, Usability (Wizards/Property Pages/Preference Pages), SQL Query Builder, Integration with other Eclipse projects (BIRT, WTP, etc.)
    • Sheila will ask Brian Payton about helping with the SQL Query Builder part
    • Linda said she'd help talk about the BIRT/SQL Query Builder integration
  • Dates for maintenance builds ok (worried about Chinese New Year, but it happens the week of January 26, 2009, so it shouldn't overlap with the February 25, 2009 release)
  • Linda will ask Xiaoying to look at branching the Head for 1.6 after RC4 (sometime our 6/16 (6/17 in Shanghai))
  • Target looking at Subversion transition over the Summer if reorganization is required for Bjorn's standard project folder structure is confirmed
  • Schema documentation in Connectivity has been bumped back to 1.6 RC4 after discussion deeming it important for this release
  • TVT bugs, only focus on Major ones, Sheila will continue to help route information to/from TVT testers as necessary

Action Items

  • New dependencies need to be approved, especially those across other projects, orbit, 3rd party, or whatever - need to write up as part of the DTP policies and procedures

Tabled for Later Discussion

  • Discuss after Ganymede release
    • Discuss DTP charter change to simplify addition of a committer to two or more subprojects at the same time without going through separate committer elections
    • Perhaps in the future come up with a Component architecture document that shows DTP dependencies to consumers
    • Schedule a "scrubbing" pass of the bug backlog after 1.6 (over the summer) to close bugs that we won't ever fix (minor tweaks, things that have been obsoleted along the way, etc.) to try and reduce the bug count

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