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DTP PMC Meeting, June 2, 2009

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  • Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Linda Chan
  • Brian Payton


  • John Graham (JavaOne)


  • When should we start doing nightly builds for 1.7.1 post-branch?
  • About files/provider names
  • Brian P - any thoughts on bug 278221 (subselects on DB2) and bug 278422 (add keywords to lexer)
  • RC4 build
  • News (Fitz)
  • Open discussion


  • Nightly builds will start as soon as we branch for 1.7.1
  • Brian F will fix the one plug-in he missed and get that delivered today for the About file update - done
  • Brian P says 278422 will be deferred but has some good ideas and he'll look at 278221
  • RC4 build will go off later today
  • Brian F has resigned from the leadership of DTP as of the end of the release, meaning that the PMC should designate an interim PMC Lead, Connectivity Team Lead, and Enablement Team Lead, make a decision, and pass it along to the EMO for approval

Action Items

Tabled for Later Discussion

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