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==Meeting Notes==
==Meeting Notes==
* [[DTP Meetings, 2014]]
* [[DTP Meetings, 2013]]
* [[DTP Meetings, 2012]]
* [[DTP Meetings, 2012]]
* [[DTP Meetings, 2011]]
* [[DTP Meetings, 2011]]

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The Data Tools Platform (DTP) project Project Management Council (PMC) and project leads hold a regular tele-conference to discuss current activities and other topics of interest to the project. Anyone interested in using or working on DTP is welcome to attend.

Project meeting information:

Thursdays, 11 AM (PST)
888-426-6840 (toll-free, U.S. and Canada)
Passcode: 1720196

Note: currently DTP meetings are being held bi-weekly rather than weekly.

Contact the PMC for the phone numbers for outside North America.

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes, 2006 through 2009

Prior to 2010, there were separate PMC and Project Lead meetings, plus other meetings, each with its own page for meeting notes:

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