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==Meeting Notes==
==Meeting Notes==
[[DTP Meetings, 2011]]
* [[DTP Meetings, 2011]]
[[DTP Meetings, 2010]]
* [[DTP Meetings, 2010]]
==Meeting Notes, 2006 through 2009==
==Meeting Notes, 2006 through 2009==

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The Data Tools Platform (DTP) project Project Management Council (PMC) and project leads hold a regular tele-conference to discuss current activities and other topics of interest to the project. Anyone interested in using or working on DTP is welcome to attend.

Project meeting information:

Wednesdays, 11 AM (PST)
877-421-0033 (toll-free, U.S. and Canada)
770-615-1250 (toll)
Passcode: 499347

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes, 2006 through 2009

Prior to 2010, there were separate PMC and Project Lead meetings, plus other meetings, each with its own page for meeting notes:

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