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DTP Ganymede Documentation Guide

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The purpose of this document is to provide a brief overview of the DTP Ganymede project documents, to make it easier to understand the context and relationships of each.

DTP Ganymede Project Documents

  • Project Plan: The high-level project plan for DTP Ganymede, concentrating on themes, priorities and overall structure. Detailed project plans for each DTP (sub)project are linked to this document ([8/31/07]: When available. Target is 10/1/07)
  • Build Environment: Specifies the environment in which DTP Ganymede will be built and the environments in which it will be tested.
  • Build Schedule: Definition of "I-build" and dates for I-build instances.
  • Development Environment: How to set of an Eclipse development environment conforming with the specification in the Build Environment document.
  • [[DTP_Ganymede_Development_Guidelines | Development Guidelines]: DTP policies and procedures for plug-in development.

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