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DTP 1.0 Useful Bugzilla Queries

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Bugs by Target Milestone

At the end of the DTP 1.0 Project Plan, a number of queries for finding open and closed bugs for each DTP 1.0 target milestone is listed. Only present and future milestones should have bugs open, and all past milestones should return only closed bugs. If you notice any bugs open against previous target milestones, please notify to alert committers of this oversight.

Other Useful Queries

Unprocessed Bugs

According to the DTP Development Guidelines, project leads should ensure that new bugs are processed as soon as possible. The following query displays a list of all DTP bugs that have yet to be processed.

Bugs Older Than 6 Months

This query lists open bugs older than 6 months on 11/1/06.

Bugs Older Than 6 Months and Unprocessed

And here's the list of open bugs older than 6 months and still unprocessed.

Severity Equal To or Greater than 'Major'

This query lists open bugs with a severity of blocker, critical, or major.

Bugs without a Target Milestone Set

For planning purposes, every bug should be given a target milestone when processed. Here's a query that lists all the open DTP bugs without a target milestone.

Enhancements for DTP 1.0

What enhancements were added to DTP 1.0? This query gives the answer.

Remaining Bugs for DTP 1.0

This query produces a list of all bugs open against DTP 1.0.

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