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  • Daniel Pastore (Eldorado)
  • Daniel Franco (Eldorado)
  • Ruth Soliani (Eldorado)
  • Mauren Brenner (Eldorado)
  • Eric Cloninger (Motorola)
  • Christian Kurzke (Motorola)


  • Moving the time up one hour (northern hemisphere) to accommodate Daylight Savings Time differences between Brazil and US. New time will be 11:00 AM US CT. Presently this is 14:00 Brazil, but will be 15:00 Brazil after US switches off DST on 1 November. Next call is 2 November, which will be at 15:00 Brazil time.


  • Discussion of how the new code repository is laid out. Suggestion is to not migrate all of the code, but to only check in new versions of the components we need. If other components are needed, we will pull them from the archive.
  • For MTJ access, we need to find the list of MTJ components and then talk to Nathan about moving them.
  • In the next week, need to work on TmL 0.4 release review, which will be the last TmL release before the Sequoyah change is made.
  • Planning how we will migrate code from TmL 0.4 into the new repository (with NJathan's assistance)
  • Daniel is working with the Buckminster builder to make it work for Sequoyah. Have had some success, but still haven't been successful getting the full use of Buckminster. Some questions to Thomas Halgren have been sent, but the replies haven't solved all our problems.
  • Next Meeting we will talk about how we can build the community and try to get feedback from all the likely users.
  • Daniel Pastore and Mauren will begin attending the Pulsar technical calls to discuss code repository and migration issues.

Action Items

  • [ERIC] Need to follow up on Daniel Pastore's Eclipse account.
  • [ERIC] Need to set up a Google calendar to track all our needs.
  • [ERIC] Update wiki with past 2 meetings and send out the invitation early for next call to have community discussion.
  • [MAUREN] Send Eric summary of Oct 5 meeting.
  • [CHRISTIAN] Send invitation of Pulsar Technical call to Daniel Pastore and Mauren Brenner.
  • [ELDORADO] Watch Doug Schaefer's Android NDK videos.

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