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  • Eric Cloninger (Motorola)
  • Christian Kurzke (Motorola)
  • Mauren Brenner (Eldorado)
  • Daniel Franco (Eldorado)
  • Ted Williams (Wind River)


  • Rescoping TML/MTJ/Pulsar
    • Ian Skerrett has been talking to member companies to gauge their participation in the project
    • TmL and MTJ have submitted IP Logs
    • Paul sees Symbian having a contribution in to the project, but not immediately. Around C/C++ development, but still under review internally.
    • [TODO: Mauren] Make links to EclipseCon tutorial project files in the TML wiki so they are easier to find.
  • Galielo SR1
    • TML will have a release near the SR1 time frame, but they aren't necessarily dependent on each other.
    • Bug Fixes in device framework
    • No device proxy code
  • Roadmap
    • Working on Localization Tools, but won't be in SR1 release
  • UI Discussion
    • [TODO: ERIC] file a bugzilla bug around Device Manager buttons
  • Open discussion
    • Want to change meeting day to other than Monday because of travel and recurring 3 day weekends (Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc.)

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on August 24, 2009

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