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DSDP/TM/Phone Meeting 2-Jul-2008

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Meeting Title: Conference Call on Target Management
Date & Time: Wednesday Jul 2, 2008 at 1600 UTC / 9am PST
Primary International Dial-in: +44 (0)1452 567588
USA Freephone Dial-In: +1 (866) 6161738
UK National Dial-In: 08712460713
Passcode: 0587322148 #

Invited Attendees

This meeting is free for everyone to attend. It's a service of the TM developers and committers to community, fostering exchange of upcoming news, status and asking questions. We specially encourage those people to attend who are actively working on, or have shown interest in TM before:

  • Wind River - Martin Oberhuber, Ted Williams, Doug Gaff, Michael Scharf, Uwe Stieber
  • IBM - Dave McKnight, Dave Dykstal, Kushal Munir
  • LANL / PTP Project - Greg Watson
  • QNX - Doug Schaefer
  • Symbian - Javier Montalvo
  • ARM - Anthony Berent
  • TI - Dobrin Alexey
  • Motorola - Maureen Brenner, Fabio Fantato, Daniel Franco, Christian Kurzke, Ruth Soliani
  • Accelerated Technology - Aaron Spear, Mark Bozeman
  • Freescale - Kirk Beitz
  • Montavista - Joe Green
  • Palm Source - Ewa Matejska
  • Uday Kabe

Actual Attendees


Last Meetings

Update on RSE Status

  • TM 3.0 Release: New&Noteworthy, Release Notes, Build Process, Bugzilla
  • TM 3.0.1 Build Schedule
  • Target Communication Framework - DSDP/TM/TCF FAQ available and approved by EMO. Now working on SVN Repository at EclipseCon Tutorial and Short Talk available from TM Homepage
  • Project Plan Status - New XML project plan format available, incubation of plan on the TM Future Planning Wiki
    • Bugzilla plan items as well as an "official" project plan will be done
    • Focus on TCF; RSE bug-fixes and quality; UI/Non-UI splitting; Import/Export of Profiles
  • Codebase status - 3.0 done, any critical bugs?
  • bug 196176 - Deferred drag&drop from RSE to Windows Explorer is possible but it needs more work and collaboration with the SWT team. We need to find out how to report progress for the background file transfer.

Community Feedback and Status

  • Community's most wanted
    • PHP / PDT people hot on EFS fixes and improvements
  • Community contributions
    • Patrick Juhl - SSH Tunnel - no news
  • Questions

Technology sub-groups

Action Items to Review

New Action Items

Next Meeting

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