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DSDP/TM/Committer Phone Meeting 21-Aug-2007

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Meeting Title: TM Committer Phone Meeting
Date & Time: Tuesday Aug 21, 2007 at 1500 UTC / 1100 Eastern
Dial-in: Martin to call everybody by Skype

Backup dial-in: International +44 (0)1452 567588 / Freephone +1 (866) 6161738 / UK 08712460713 / Passcode: 0587322148 #

MartinO to start conference call - please dial in using the numbers above.
Please be available for Skype Chat in parallel to the call. MartinO will start Skype chat just prior to call.
Skype dial-in: martin.oberhuber, ddykstal (or david_dykstal), david-k-mcknight, kushal.munir, kevin.j.doyle, xuan.chen886, rupen.mardirossian, javier.montalvoorus, tedatteddotnet, michael_scharf, and uwe.stieber.


  • IBM - Xuan Chen, Kevin Doyle, Dave Dykstal, Rupen Mardirossian
  • Wind River - Martin Oberhuber, Uwe Stieber

This is an Open call, so anyone else can join (though we expect the talk to be interesting for committers only).


Current Work

  • Skype Call Quality
    • Very good for everyone (6 attendees, Rupen listening only)
  • Reminder: Aug 30th is RC1 as per TM 2.0 Ramp down Plan for Europa#Ramp_down_for_Europa_SR1_.2828-Sep-2007.29, no risky fixes for 2.0.1 after the 30th! (Will fork off a 2.0.1 branch by then)
  • Reminder: Start preparing / planning for the DSDP/TM/Face-to-face Meeting Toronto 17-Sep-2007
  • DaveD: bug 194802 - NPE when restoring; might be gone in the meantime, analyze / reproduce?
    • Analysis by Martin: should be gone by new method of waiting for InitRSEJob; supposedly the problem
    • bug 198395 - Connect dstore with expired password - Dave will look at it (IBM only thing)
    • bug 197036 - Avoid plugin activation, dont create all filterpools on startup - will be looking at this week, might be possible without API change
  • DaveM: bug 196662 - Refresh queries on dispatch thread - is it all fixed now?
  • Kevin: bug 168219 - how to treat recursive delete of a tree where some elements are read-only
    • Users will want recursive-delete including deleting read-only files. What's the best UI to give it to them?
    • DaveD: How are symlinks treated? - will delete the link, not the file linked
      • What if there are other authorization problems?
      • Right way seems to be to delete what we can delete, and leave the read-only files untouched (That's what EFS does) --> Will need a change of implementation (Local and DStore) to avoid giving up as soon as one error occurs during delete
      • Return a MultiStatus to report an accumulate of all the errors (EFS does this, but it's not an absolute must since the read-only ones remain so they can be explored)
      • In addition to that, it may be nice to provide additional API in IFileService#delete(), to ask "force" (delete read-only elements by setting them writable before deletion). That API might also go into EFS. Such additional API is more client-server-friendly. After trying delete without "force", users could review the MultiStatus, and then try again with "force".
    • Uwe: No news
    • Xuan: Investigation on IBM RSE shows that Cmd processing uses a lot of memory (Hashmap, Array of output Strings) - will look at with DaveM
    • Rupen: No news
  • BugDayAugust2007 -- August 31 -- TM taking part: committers sign up if they can hang out on IRC (channel #eclipse-bugs), add "bugday" keyword to applicable bugs
  • Questions
    • Nothing except what's mentioned above

Vacation, Away

  • Labor Day (Sep.3rd in US, CDN also Sep.4th)
  • Xuan vacation next week (Aug.27- Sep.2)
  • DaveM vacation Aug.6 till Aug.23
  • Javier vacation Aug.13 till Aug.31

Action Items

  • Last Meeting Action Items
  • DaveD: 2.0.1 important fixes, then Doc bugs (Tutorial)
  • DaveM: Ask Pete Nicholls about room for F2F meeting in Toronto; bug 196662 refresh on dispatch thread
  • Xuan: Unit Tests
  • Kevin: 2.0.1 fixes
  • Martin: Look at PropertyDescriptor issues; EFS fixes; unit tests; Migration Docs, EFS Fixes, Releng Fixes, Newsgroup
  • Javier: 2.0.1 fixes, unit tests
  • Michael: Terminal performance improvements

Next Meeting

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