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DSDP/TM/Committer Phone Meeting 19-Jul-2006

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Meeting Title: TM Committer Phone Meeting
Date & Time: Wednesday Jul 19, 2006 at 6.30am PDT / 8.30am CDT / 9.30am Toronto / 3.30pm Salzburg
Dial-in: Skype martin.oberhuber, ddykstal, david-k-mcknight, kushal_munir

Fixed-line fallback dial-in:

  • International +1 314-655-1411
  • North America +1 877-422-0035 (toll free)
  • Passcode: 764918


  • IBM - Dave Dykstal, Dave McKnight, Kushal Munir
  • Wind River - Martin Oberhuber


  • Our top goals
    • Grow the Communities - active users and adopters --> tutorial, docs, mailinglist help
    • Get the APIs Right --> enable public API discussion --> ISV docs, Wiki API discussion, [api] bugzilla's
    • Get our Processes in place --> JUnit
  • Latest News
    • Martin -- Tutorial project checked in, Update Site Project ready but not yet checked in
      • Martin has also made a few minor fixes in RSE code. Created bug entries for each, attached a patch to allow easy review, but committed the patch himself in order to keep the workspace clean --> IBM people please take the bugs, review the patch and close the bug. A bugzilla query for "All open bugs with a patch attached" is below.
    • Mike -- Patch for docs, JUnit patch, RSE 7 translation map
    • DaveM -- bugfixes, IBM strings
    • Kushal -- Met with Mike; legal work on test framework (Legal representative at IBM passed away!); WizardSelectionPage
  • Urgent work to do
    • DaveD will continue the Legal process from Kushal for the JUnit test framework - bug 149080
    • "Big Rock" API issues --> RSE API Discussion
      • Clarify and implement "No password" API - bug 142471, bug 147532
        • DaveD to look at this; review martin's patch on bug 150929
      • Clarify Service Error Reporting - bug 149472
        • want a more easy way to construct SystemMessageException (without message-id or the need to use XML message files)
        • still use SystemMessageException as the means of reporting errors (re-enable the corresponding code).
        • DaveD to look into that in more detail
      • Clarify Multiple parallel service requests
        • DaveM to look into that in more detail - bugs 142478,149133,149179
        • Suggestion: allow parallel queries for some long-running requests (download, upload) but make sure that core RSE does the Job scheduling such that short-lived requests like directory queries are always queued and synchronized properly. Document File Service APIs for that suggestion. Probably we'll have a series or Reuqest classes, and have a separate ISchedulingRule for each of them in Eclipse jobs.
      • SystemRegistry.createHost() modifications
    • Work on open bugs by priority (first review existing patches, then P1, then P2 and [api])
    • Bring ISV docs up-to-date -- needed for API discussions - Kushal merged bug 149331 but more work to do
      • Who will bring Tutorial docs up to date?
  • Other items
    • Please triage bugs in "New" state such that we get a handle which we won't work on for 1.0
    • vserver for serving online docs -- set up, but still problems, webmasters are not responsive
    • Automatic Update Site - Martin has it, will commit the next days
      • Building the update site needs manual interaction; OK for now since we want to know when we update the site anyway
      • Update Site URL to go into the RSE Features
    • Manual test plans - Martin to start putting together something
    • EFS feature
    • Jakarta Commons - hopefully EMO will complete review soon
  • Free discussion -- feelings, comments, critics

Action Items

  • Last Meeting Action Items
  • DaveD - Review Patches, JUnit legal, No-Password-API, Service Error Reporting API, SystemRegistry API, bug fixing (persistency)
  • DaveM - Parallel Services API, bug fixing, hygiene changes, drive API discussion
  • Kushal - follow-up with Mike; bug fixing, refactoring, doc review
  • Martin - Setup vserver for serving online docs, Update site, Manual test plan, API Review

Next Meeting

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