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DSDP/TM/Committer Phone Meeting 12-Dec-2006

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Meeting Title: TM Committer Phone Meeting
Date & Time: Tuesday Dec 12, 2006 at 1700 UTC
Dial-in: International +44 (0)1452 567588
North America +1 (866) 6161738 (toll free)
UK National 08712460713
Passcode: 0587322148 #

MartinO to start conference call - please dial in using the numbers above.
Please be available for Skype Chat in parallel to the call. MartinO will start Skype chat just prior to call.
Skype fallback dial-in - only if less than 5 participants: martin.oberhuber, ddykstal (or david_dykstal), david-k-mcknight, kushal.munir, javier.montalvoorus, tedatteddotnet, michael_scharf, and uwe.stieber.


  • IBM - Dave Dykstal, Dave McKnight, Kushal Munir
  • Symbian - Javier Montalvo Orús
  • Wind River - Martin Oberhuber, Uwe Stieber, (Michael Scharf n/a, Ted Williams n/a)
  • Tradescape - Lothar Werzinger

This is an Open call, so anyone else can join (though we expect the talk to be interesting for committers only).


  • Our top goals
    • Grow the Communities - active users and adopters --> tutorial, docs, mailinglist help: being responsive
    • Get the APIs Right --> enable public API discussion --> ISV docs, Wiki API discussion, [api] bugzilla's
    • Get our Processes in place --> JUnit, nightly builds, infocenter, update site

Recent Download Statistics

Still disabled; for analysis, see DSDP/TM/Phone Meeting 8-Nov-2006

Latest News

Martin 50% Fix Terminal Copyright Headers; Resolve MV Ssh Processes IP; Remove RSE/ssh dependency from Team/CVS; Prepare Testing; public holiday. TODO: Testing & Releng 80%
DaveD 20% bugs 80%
DaveM 80% bugs 80%
Kushal 50% bugs 50%
Javier 50% bugs 50%
Ted 5% n/a
Uwe 50% submit Testframework patches to DaveD 50%
Michael 50% Finish Terminal Work, mark bugzilla fixed
  • Lothar be able to squeeze in an hour or so for testing 1.0.1

Upcoming Work

  • last day for RSE 1.0.1 fixes (bugzilla report)
    • Kushal fixed his P2
    • Martin wants to add the Terminal to the Update Site and the Downloads -- ok for everybody
  • Adding JUnit Tests (Uwe, DaveD)
    • 1st patch applied by DaveD, 2nd not yet applied
    • Dave:Uwe 1-on-1 after the last meeting, issues resolved -> DaveD need to look at the patches
    • DaveD working on Test Framework allowing different settings on a test run, ran into problems
    • DaveD will look at the patch
    • DaveD: As long as we don't eliminate the ability to run inside the framework from a normal launch, DaveD is fine if Uwe commits
    • Uwe will have the framework in place, but not many tests yet (only creating/removing connections, creating/removing filter) -> skip for 1.0.1
  • RSE SystemView and Performance
    • DaveM looking at Tobias' bug 167620; improvement already made, working on more improvements
    • DaveM to correctly revert his change from earlier today
  • Compiler Warnings
    • See the Committer Howto for settings
    • DaveM to look at those that are easy
      • 109 -> 113 -> 113 connectorservice.dstore
      • 176 -> 265 -> 161 rse.core
      • 474 -> 558 -> 558 files.ui
      • 637 -> 662 -> 662 services
      • 221 -> 250 -> 248 subsystems.files.core
      • 1622 -> 346 -> 293 rse.ui
  • Quality
    • Will have a 1-day public round of testing on Wednesday Dec.13, see RSE 1.0.1 Testing
    • Testing on Wednesday is a Priority. Dont squeeze in more bug fixes for wednesday.
    • Need to VERIFY all 1.0.1 fixes, and do another round of sanity checks
    • Martin to assign bug lists to verify
  • Planning 2.0
    • Start IBM and EMO review process for User Actions and Import/Export (DaveD) - no news
      • Also need a CQ for two Userdoc files for the Internal Comms Daemon
    • Lothar: RSE System Viewer doesnt provide StructuredSelection to other parts of Eclipse, want this fixed for 2.0 -> file a defect, probably just not registering RSE
    • RSE 2.0 Planning - Finalize the 2.0 Project Plan
    • New bugs: REVIEW Assigned to Inbox, Status NEW


  • Vacations, Holidays etc.
    • Kushal away from 18th, but will try to attend committer meeting next week
    • Martin, DaveM away from 25th to 1st
    • Javier away from 25th to 8th
  • Free discussion -- feelings, comments, critics

Action Items

  • Last Meeting Action Items
  • DaveD - Fixing & Testing; Submit UDA and Import/Export for IBM internal review; New bug for moving DTD.
  • DaveM - Fixing & Testing; Compiler Warnings (dstore);
  • Kushal - Fixing & Testing; Compiler Warnings (UI); Talk to DaveD re Comm Server;
  • Martin - Add Terminal to Downloads; Signup bugs for verification; Personal Interviews via Skype; Work on RSE 2.0 Planning; TM and RSE FAQ, improve Wiki and Website (how to contribute); Bugs;
  • Javier - Fixing & Testing;
  • Ted - Document the build process (DD project), prepare for Europa build
  • Michael -
  • Uwe - Commit Testframework changes; RSE Systemview performance unit tests
  • Lothar - File bug for missing StructuredSelection

Next Meeting

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