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DSDP/PMC/PMC Minutes 11Mar10

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World Clock

Dial-in Info


Invited Attendees

  • Mike Milinkovich
  • Doug Gaff, PMC Lead
  • Eric Cloninger, Sequoya
  • Christian Kurzke, MTJ/Pulsar
  • Shigeki Moride, NAB
  • Martin Oberhuber, TM/TCF
  • Dave Russo, RTSC
  • Wayne Parrot, Blinki (absent)

New Business

  • History
    • Wind River stepped down from the Strategic Developer level almost 2 years.
    • Doug Gaff and his team were still allocated to Wind River’s open source work, so DSDP was effectively still under sponsorship. Then early last year, Doug's management responsibilities at Wind changed significantly, and the official time allocated to DSDP became "whatever he could squeeze in."
    • Doug took a new job in Dec of last year, and Wind declined to continue their sponsorship of the project.
    • Doug's new job is unrelated to Eclipse, and he cannot continue to lead the project. The Foundation was unable to find another company or group of companies to devote the necessary time to lead the project.
  • Where are are now
    • Doug would like to see DSDP continue if it had good sponsorship, but the seems unlikely. It is more important that the technologies continue to live wherever they can get the most mentoring and exposure.
  • Some discussion about this on the phone.
    • Summary is that the PMC really enjoys working together, but no one has enough sponsorship from their respective companies to lead DSDP, and they need to focus on their projects.
  • Proposal for moving Projects
    • Blinki
      • Move to Technology? Needs a reboot, because the project is failing to be open and transparent.
      • Mike and Wayne from the Foundation will need to meet with Blinki leadership.
    • Device Debugging
      • DSF moved to CDT last year and is thriving there.
      • The repository was left open for folks to remain on a frozen branch until after the CDT transition. The IP-XACT editor is also there, but it's no longer under development.
      • Decision: Archive
    • MTJ and Sequoyah
      • Sequoyah moves to Tools and becomes a container project for mobile
      • MTJ moves under Sequoyah
    • RTSC
      • Move to Technology since they are still incubating. Could move somewhere else when they are ready to exit incubation. Dave really wants the visibility to be high, though. Perhaps a future in CDT?
    • TM
      • Move to Tools and eventually have TCF (currently a component) as a separate project.
    • NAB
      • Move to Technology. Still in incubation.
      • Will continue to use the DSDP namespace ( Shigeki feels that the DSDP brand is important to maintain (especially in Japan).
  • Communication and Next Steps
    • Doug to communicate this meeting on the dsdp-pmc mailing list.
    • Doug to blog next week.
    • Rearrange projects AFTER Helios! Wayne, Anne, and Webmaster team will help move.
    • This PMC will need to meet occasionally to keep things running until Helios.
      • Participation on planning council
      • Votes needed from the PMC
      • Ad-hoc calls as necessary
  • Words of Thanks from Mike and Doug

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