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*Installing MTJ (<font color="RED">page missing</font>)
*Installing MTJ (<font color="RED">page missing</font>)
*Configuring MTJ and Eclipse (<font color="RED">outdated</font>)
*Configuring MTJ and Eclipse (<font color="GREEN">OK</font>)
*Best Practices (<font color="GREEN">OK</font>)
*Best Practices (<font color="RED">Screenshots outdated</font>)
*Creating a new MIDlet Project
*Creating a new MIDlet Project (<font color="RED">Screenshots outdated</font>)
**Java Application Descriptor Editor
**Java Application Descriptor Editor (<font color="RED">Screenshots outdated</font>)
*Create A New Midlet
*Create A New Midlet (<font color="RED">Screenshots outdated</font>)
*Running/Debugging a MIDlet
*Running/Debugging a MIDlet (<font color="RED">Screenshots outdated, running/debugging through right-click on project is not working</font>)

Revision as of 09:56, 21 July 2008

This is the main page for documentation effort in MTJ project.

If you're looking for User documentation itself, download and install our latest nightly build and look for "Mobile Tools for Java" inside Eclipse help contents.

Nowadays, MTJ user's documentation is shipped within MTJ and is accessible through Eclipse Help Menu. This documentation is missing some updates (see bug 238138), and this page is intended to track the status of this updates. After that we will work to publish this documentation online.

Documentation tracking

The current MTJ user's documentation was copied from EclipseME user's documentation during the code porting from Eclipse to MTJ. During this process some sections of the documentation became unnecessary, some became outdated and some new sessions are now required. Besides that, the current documentation must be refactored to match eclipse documentation standards.

Here is the list of user's documentation section and their actual status:

  • Installing MTJ (page missing)
  • Configuring MTJ and Eclipse (OK)
  • Best Practices (Screenshots outdated)
  • Creating a new MIDlet Project (Screenshots outdated)
    • Java Application Descriptor Editor (Screenshots outdated)
  • Create A New Midlet (Screenshots outdated)
  • Running/Debugging a MIDlet (Screenshots outdated, running/debugging through right-click on project is not working)
  • Packaging
  • Advanced Topics
    • Device Management
    • Advanced - Adding JAR Files to a MIDlet Suite
    • Adding Javadoc or Source links to WTK libraries
  • Reference
    • Launch Configuration Settings
    • Mobile Tools for Java Preferences
    • Project Properties
    • Antenna Support
    • About MIDlet Suite Signing
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Developer Documentation
  • Acknowledgments
  • Legal

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