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Test Procedure

Step 1: Download Prerequisites

These are the prerequisites to install MTJ:

Step 2: Install MTJ

The download page has the latest builds produced by the MTJ Project

  • Download and install the runtime, it has all components to test.

Step 3: Record your Test Environment

As the first step after installation, please record your exact test environment, to ensure we get good bugzilla reports:

  • In Eclipse, choose Help > About Eclipse SDK, press Configuration Details
  • Copy & Paste the configuration into an empty text file, we might need such exact information later when working on bug reports.
  • The most interesting lines in this file are (line numbers and contents vary on your platform, of course):
    • Line 7: eclipse.buildId=M20080221-1800
    • Line 47: java.runtime.version=1.5.0_12-b04
    • Line 77: XP
    • Line 78: os.version=5.1

Step 4: Prepare for Bug Reports

  • Log in or create an account in Bugzilla.
  • Click this link to get a sample bug entry template
  • Edit the "Platform", "OS" and "Description" fields to match YOUR setup. The goal is to get YOUR personal customized bug entry template that you'll use to make your reports easily, while conveying all information about your system. When done, press the Remember values as bookmarkable entry button.
  • In Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can move this bookmark into the Toolbar; that way you can file a new proper bug report with a single button click.

You are ready to go now! - Check the Known Issues and Workarounds page once more to ensure you don't duplicate the most obvious known issues. Then, go ahead and file all bugs, glitches or enhancement requests or suggestions in Bugzilla right away. Thanks to your bookmark this will be really fast and easy to do. You may also record bugs against a bad website, unclear testing instructions, bad documentation etc.

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