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DSDP/MTJ/Releng/Scheduling Builds

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Revision as of 17:15, 1 August 2009 by Unnamed Poltroon (Talk) (Crontab entry)

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Setting build tasks to be automatically run in the background at regular intervals by the cron daemon.

# *********************************************************************************************
# All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials are made available 
# under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0 which accompanies this distribution, 
# and is available at: 
# Contributors:
#     Motorola - initial version
# *********************************************************************************************
# exporting the path
export PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/bin:/usr/games:/opt/gnome/bin:/opt/kde3/bin:/usr/lib/mit/bin:/usr/lib/mit/sbin
cd /opt/public/dsdp/mtj/
/opt/public/dsdp/mtj/ europa
# Cleanup old nightly builds (leave only last 5 in place)
cd /opt/public/dsdp/mtj/publish
ls -d N-N200* | sort | head -n-5 | xargs rm -rf
cd /opt/public/dsdp/mtj/

Crontab entry

 0 8 * * 2,5 /opt/public/dsdp/mtj/ > /opt/public/dsdp/mtj/ mtj_cron_nightly_1.1.log

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