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DSDP/MTJ/Phone Meeting 17-June-2008

Conference Call Details

Meeting Title: Mobile Tools for the Java Platform Conference Call
Date & Time: 11 AM PDT [Click here for you local time]
US Toll free: +1-877-825-8522
Int'l or US Toll: +1-770-615-1247
Finland: 0800770232
Brazil: 0800-891-6245
Passcode: 9190565826#

Proposed Agenda

Conference Agenda:

  • Confirm the current scope as documented on the Wiki pages.
  • Go through the status and assign a responsible party for each of the activity
  • Understand the next steps to do the official release (moving from a nightly build to an integration build, stable build and finally the release after a few release candidates? In between the releases there may be maintenance builds. We should also set dates for each of the intended builds â you can see an example here, for Ganymede:, see Milestones and Release Candidates)
  • Preverifier status summary
  • Proposals for a MTJ roadmap items in the 2008/2009 timeframe
  • Integration of Non-UEI SDKs, is it possible, what are the missing pieces (documentation?)
  • Supported platforms?
  • GUI builders:
    • Should we have one?
    • Does anyone actually use LCD UI?
    • Can we integrate with commercial ones?
    • How would we deal with generated code?
  • Other items as added by participants on call


Discussion about Scope & Requirements

Targeted development platforms (Craig proposal): Windows, Linux, MAC


  • We implemented support for "Mpower" preverifier.
  • (Craig) MPower is a good long term requirement to support MAC development
  • Not clear if we need embedded preverifier if we can allow external preverifiers

  • Pro-guard support is implemented (by Gustavo), but not commited to SVN yet.


  current code supports MAC/Lin/Win development by using external preverifier

Which SDK's should we support

Currently there is several old (non-UEI) SDK's supported. Proposal is to move those "legacy" code into a unsupported status.

IF in the future we want to refactor the code to simplify the implementation of a "device importer" support, we would not modify all of this code.

(Craig) We need to maintain a balance - and e.g. leave some (MicroME and Mpower) supported.

Currently, MTJ cannot be easily modified to change the build process. This may be a future requirement.

-- (Ken) How would we need to change the build process to support RIM build.

  • RIM uses JADs similar to MIDP
  • Signing
  • Support for Runtime library

(Craig) Blackberry is almost a post-build step. He can use Jad/Jar to generate a RIM deployable file

-- Question: How do we support i18n? (localization of the resources of a Midlet) Could be considered part of the SDK. Post 1.0 discussion?

-- Regarding: how to include libraries in Midlets. There is extension points to define the set of libraries to create custom device profiles.

Sybase Usecase: include a JAR file in the build/deploy is already supported in the MTJ toolkit. currently - we can/need to mark them as "exported", which will include them in the generated JAR file.

Sybase Question: How can we better integrate / support Device capabilities in MTJ? Netbeans seems to have very tight/good integration of this. (Gustavo) We may need JDT changes? More analysis needed. (Eric) This, and the support for multiple targets, could be post 1.0 features.

Documentation: Currently - the MTJ documentation is based on EclipseME documentation. This would be sufficient for End-User documentation for 1.0

Next Steps

Goal for 1.0 release is functional equivalent to EclipseME.

Problem: How will we do testing for the 1.0 release? Gustavo: the automated (unit) tests will not be available before end of year. For now - lets do manual tests?

short term roadmap:

Until end of July, finish preprocessing, create a release candidate, start collecting test-cases on wiki.

Next conference call planned in end of July. Try to accommodate China Timezone.

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