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Current Extension Point List

We currently have the following list of Extension points:

  • org.eclipse.mtj.core.api
    • Representation of an Java ME application programming interface (API).
  • org.eclipse.mtj.core.configurations
    • Extension that provides a listing of supported Java ME Configurations.
  • org.eclipse.mtj.core.deviceImporter
    • provides a means for registering new types of device importers
  • org.eclipse.mtj.core.library.MIDletLibrary
  • org.eclipse.mtj.core.profiles
  • org.eclipse.mtj.ui.venderSpecJADAttributes
  • org.eclipse.mtj.ui.jadEditorPages

Refactory Suggestions

    * Are we the only ones that implements this E.P?
    * Is it really necessary? since the UEI standard provides a way to gather the APIs from a SDK's device
    * The skeletonFile element is not used anymore

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