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DSDP/MTJ/Discussion/New APIs/version 1.0/automatic SDK install

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This API idea is to provide a mechanism to automatically register new SDKs devices once MTJ is started. The main user of this API are SDK Providers that wants to distribute a plugins that will automatically imports its SDKs. This avoid the need to the user to manually go to "Preverences->JavaME->Device Management" and import the device from the UI.

This API devices a extension point with the following format:

  • extension
    • name (String Attribute) [OPTIONAL]

      Description: Optional name of this extension

    • sequence [1;1] (installer) [REQUIRED]

      Description: Sequence of 1..1 that represents the installer

  • installer
    • name (Java Attribute) [REQUIRED]

      Description: implements org.eclipse.mtj.core.sdk.ISDK.

The ISDK interface is simple. it only provides 3 methods that need to be implemented by the SDK Provider:

  • String getDescription(): Returns the textual description of this SDK
  • String getName(): Returns the SDK name that is also presented on the Devices
  • List<IDevice> getDeviceList(): Returns a list of IDevices

Each SDK provider is responsible to know where its SDK is installed. This is necessary in order to create the Devices.

Other Options, Opinions, etc

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