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DSDP/MTJ/Developer Resources/Copyright Standards

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Default Eclipse Foundation Copyright and License Notice

How to document Copyright when importing code from other eclipse projects

Sometimes we need to use some class from JDT or PDE that are not exported. The approach we follow, is to copy the classes into our MTJ repositories to avoid improper API usage.

After we do that which copyright we should put on those files?

  • Update copyright-from-year to be the oldest year of any stuff brought in
  • If bringing in an entire file, take the original file's copyright header, change the copyright-to-year to be this year, and add a single line under contributors like : Committer name (company) - adapted from org.eclipse.someplugin/TheClassCopied
  • If bringing in some methods only, take your OWN copyright header, change the copyright-from-year to be the oldest year of all stuff brought in, mark the methods brought in as <copied from org.eclipse.someplugin/SomeClass (Copyright Owner and others)> theCodeCopied </copied from ...>, and add a single line under contributors like Committer name (company) - added theFunctionalityAdded from org.eclipse.someplugin/SomeClass
  • If bringing in images or other binary files, commit with a commit comment like [bugNumber] copied someImage from org.eclipse.somePlugin/icons

For example, see

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