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DSDP/DD/Face-to-face Toronto 22-Feb-2006

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Agenda & Attendee List



  • Eclipse 3.2 Debug Platform
    • Demos / feedback session on prototyping – IBM, Wind River, QNX/CDT, others?
      • Pawel Piech - Wind River
        • Implemented directly against platform
        • (presentation)
        • The current state of the flexible hierachy aligns well with WR's debugger implementation.
        • Main issues at this point:
          • Need retargetable actions
          • Need public interface to get at standard images for label providers
          • Column support in views is incomplete at this point
      • Alan Boxall
        • Implemented directly against platform
        • Moving from 3.0 to 3.1 - the biggest challenge was to get the multi-threaded UI to talk to their synchronous debug engine.
          • They queue up all asynchronous requests. They use a lot of caching.
        • They are using the compatibility mode right now.
        • Taking advantage of 3.2 EDM in the future: eventually, IBM's debug engines will drive the hieararchy.
        • Number of jobs is somewhat alarming. (See performance discussions below.)
        • Plan to do some prototyping against flexible hierarchy after 3.2 is released.
      • Mikhail Khodjaiants, QNX
        • (presentation)
        • Requests to provide customized versions of variables and registers view. Probably will happen after CDT 3.2.
        • Using compatibility mode right now for flexibile hierarchy (for 3.1). Still need more investigation for how to expose customization.
      • ATI
        • Builds against Eclipse platform, but haven't had a chance to look at 3.2 yet.
      • AMI
        • Builds against Eclipse platform.
      • TI, Freescale, Nokia
        • Build against CDT - interested in CDT's plans for 3.2 EDM.
        • TI has done some view customization, too.
      • PalmSource
        • TI: Demo of customizations
    • Performance discussion
    • Using the editor with multiple debugging backends
    • API versioning - adding new interfaces on top of old ones vs. deprecating. When are interfaces collapsed together
    • Changes beyond 3.2
    • Progress Update – Darin W (IBM)

  • Update Policy
    • Progress Update – Samantha (IBM)
    • Discussion on how UI should expose the policies
  • Contributions and Participation Discussion
    • Update/Demo on Memory Rendering and suggestions for API changes – Ted W (Wind River)
    • How can we get better participation to help Darin out on the debugger interfaces and views?
    • Feedback cycle schedule on platform - when do we start reviewing Eclipse 3.2+
    • Where do we want to go next? Volunteers for implementation?
      • New breakpoint features?
      • More memory rendering?
      • Multi-core
      • Sample debugger implementation from Wind River?
      • Discussion of requirements/use cases for flexible hierarchy in CDT. Does it make sense for CDT to expose any of this or stay with a fixed hierarchy?
      • Debug console
    • Committer List
  • Miscellaneous
    • Eclipse 3.2 launching framework feedback

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