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DSDP/DD/Face-to-face Ottawa 24-Sept-2007

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Purpose of this meeting is to have coding workshop for developers using the DSF framework.


Monday September 24 2007, the day before the CDT Fall 2007 Summit I plan to get into office around 8AM and I hope we will start by 9AM.


[See CDT Summit Hotel Info]


Wind River Office in Ottawa (Bullwinkle Room)
350 Terry Fox Drive, Suite 200
Kanata, Ontario K2K 2W5
Tel.: 613-270-2240
Map to WindRiver Office


See prerequisites from the first coding camp at

Agenda and Notes

The agenda could either be focused on continued GDB reference implementation or on more general DSF topics depending on what the attendees would like to have.

  • Introductions (1h)
  • Coding Excercise: Breakpoints Service (4h)
    • Review existing MIBreakpoints service implementation.
    • Missing functionality that is in CDT UI
      • Breakpoint options: condition, ignore count.
        • Add parameters to the DsfMIBreakInsert object
      • Disabled breakpoints:
        • If a breakpoint is disabled, un-install it from the back end. If it is enabled, install it.
        • Implementation, add BP to internal database even if disabled. After BP changed to enabled, install it in back end.
      • Thread-specific Breakpoints.
        • Create separate target-side breakpoint for each thread with given thread ID (-p option).
        • Need to implement standard debug model and CDT extensions to allow user to specify the thread in the breakpoint properties dialog.
        • Complicates status reporting.
        • Ignore count is tracked separately for every thread.
      • Handling breakpoints changed (enable/disable, line# change, etc.).
        • We're better off ignoring the line# changes.
        • To make the change: uninstall old BP, install new BP.
        • Side effect: hit count is lost across BP changes.
      • Source lookup mapping.
        • Need to implement ISourceLookup service.
      • Deferred breakpoints (shared libraries).
      • Breakpoint (script) actions.
    • Missing functionality (additional).
      • Temporary breakpoints
      • Hardware breakpoints
      • Handling breakpoints added on the back-end side or through the CLI interface.
      • Reporting breakpoint planting status information: address, hit count, etc.
        • Hit count can be polled from GDB on demand.
      • Dealing with BPs moved by the back end.
      • Advanced breakpoint filtering.
    • Pick a feature and implement it.
  • Discussion: Refactoring of Data Model Contexts (3h).
    • Relationship between contexts from services that should have no dependencies between each other: IRunControl, IMemory, IModules.
    • Use of generics.
    • Relationship between IDMContext and IDMData.


  • Pawel Piech, WindRiver
  • Marc Khouzam, TSP/Ericsson
  • Francois Chouinard, TSP/Ericsson
  • Dominique Toupin, PM&T/Ericsson
  • Magnus Ohlin, EMP/Ericsson
  • Joel Huselius, CPP/Ericsson
  • Mikhail Khodjaiants, ARM (tentative)
  • Dobrin Alexiev, TI
  • Doug Schaefer, QNX

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