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(DSDP-DD Meeting Notes)
(DSDP-DD Meeting Notes)
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* [[DSDP/DD/Face-to-face_Ottawa_24-Sept-2007|Face-to-Face Meeting 24 September 2007]]
* [[DSDP/DD/Face-to-face_Ottawa_24-Sept-2007|Face-to-Face Meeting 24 September 2007]]
* [[DSDP/DD/DSF_Phone_14-August-2007|Phone Meeting 14-August-2007]] - DSF GDB/MI discussions
* [[DSDP/DD/Phone_9-August-2007|Phone Meeting 9-August-2007]]
* [[DSDP/DD/Phone_9-August-2007|Phone Meeting 9-August-2007]]
* [[DSDP/DD/DSF_Phone_7-August-2007|Phone Meeting 7-August-2007]] - DSF GDB/MI discussions
* [[DSDP/DD/DSF_Phone_7-August-2007|Phone Meeting 7-August-2007]] - DSF GDB/MI discussions

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Welcome to the DSDP-Device Debugging Project Wiki. Device Debugging creates new frameworks and extensions to the existing platform debug framework to support the three phases of device software development: hardware bring-up, platform software development, and application software development. The Device Debugging project will build enhanced debug models, APIs, and views to provide greater visibility into and control over device software targets.

These pages are meant as an open, collaborative platform for discussions and exchanging ideas. For official information and documents, see the Official DSDP-DD Website.


These are the current goals for Device Debugging project at this point.

  • Modify the Eclipse Debug Model Interfaces in order to enable more customized debugger implementations, especially those geared towards the embedded space. The first version was released in Eclipse 3.2. The platform debug team and the DD project are currently looking at improvements.
  • Provide a new Debug Model implementation that takes a more modular approach to connecting debugger backends into Eclipse. This is called Debugger Services Framework (DSF).
  • Enhance the debugger views for multi-core and multi-process support and provide specific improvements in those views for embedded development. Multi-core enhancements are proposed for the Eclipse 3.3 release. We are looking at additional view enhancements.
  • Integrated with the SPIRIT consortium for tooling and debugger data file specification.
  • Provide the next generation implementation for CDT’s MI debugger.

DSDP-DD Meeting Notes

Release Stuff

Technology Sub-Groups

The pages below were created to contain the activity of several small sub-groups created to focus on specific improvements to the Platform around device debugging. See the 22-Feb-2006 meeting notes above for more information.

Technology Lead Members
Debug view Paul Gingrich (TI) TBD
Memory Samantha Chan (IBM) Ted Williams (WR), Freescale, AMI
Expressions & Variables Ken Ryall (Nokia) Ted Williams (WR), Pete Nichols (IBM)
Registers Kirk Beitz (Freescale) Ted Williams (WR), Pete Nichols (IBM), ATI
Breakpoints Ewa Matejska (PalmSource) Pawel Piech (WR), Mikhail Khodjaiants (QNX), TI, Nokia
Console - Debug/Serial/Network Aaron Spear (Mentor) Freescale, AMI, PalmSource
Disassembly Patrick Chuong (TI) Wind River
Views - multi-context, pin/clone, update policy Darin Wright (IBM) Samantha Chan (IBM), Ted Williams (WR)
Debug Model Pawel Piech (Wind River) Mikhail Khodjaiants (QNX), Freescale, Nokia
Launching Pete Nichols (IBM) TI
Editor Ewa Matejska (PalmSource) Pete Nichols(IBM), Nokia
Source Lookup Pawel Piech (Wind River) Pete Nichols(IBM)
SPIRIT Aaron Spear (ATI/Mentor)



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