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DD Known Issues and Workarounds

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This page lists the most obvious known issues with the current version of DD features and suggests workarounds. By "most obvious" we mean those issues that many users are likely to encounter. There may be other severe or critical issues not listed here, because they are less likely to occur. See the Bugzilla: DD Major and Critical for a full listing.

This is a collaborative page: Every user may edit this page and add bugs he or she has filed, that are very obvious or problematic and that he or she'd like other users to be able to work around to avoid. See the DD Bug Process Page for queries to get the full list of known bugs out of bugzilla.

Bug # Description Workaround
(none) DSF-GDB requires gdb version 6.7, without it variables and expressions views cannot show children of variables Use gdb v 6.7
209045 Modules view detail pane doesn't work with DSF. Apply patch to CDT bug 210558
219107 Variables view doesn't always update correctly. Refresh the view using the refresh button ]

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