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(Remaining features)
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*** [[DD Manual Test Plan#Expressions view]]
*** [[DD Manual Test Plan#Expressions view]]
*** [[DD Manual Test Plan#Launching]]
*** [[DD Manual Test Plan#Launching]]
* Ted Williams
** [[DD Manual Test Plan#Memory components]]
=== Remaining features ===
=== Remaining features ===

Latest revision as of 11:53, 21 May 2008

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This is the coordination page for DD 1.0 RC1 testing effort. The RC1 build is available on May 19th, and we have until the end of day on 20th to finalize it.

Organization and Signup

We are now in weekly release candidate testing cycle. We will produce a build every week so if there are major issues found they can be fixed in the next release candidate.

Below is a list of features that are signed up to be tested and a list of features that is still remaining. Add your name to the signed up list and add move the features you are going to test from the remaining list to your list.

Signed up features

Remaining features

Issues found during testing

Query for bugs found during testing period

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