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Creating an Internal Connection Pool (ELUG)

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This section explains how to create EclipseLink internal connection pools.

For information, see Internal Connection Pools.

Introduction to the Internal Connection Pool Creation

You can create internal connection pools only for server sessions (not for any other session type, including database sessions). For more information, see Creating an Internal Connection Pool.

After you create an internal connection pool, you must configure its various options.

After you create and configure a sequence connection pool, EclipseLink uses it whenever it needs to assign an identifier to a new object.

After you create and configure a named connection pool, you use it in your application by passing in a ConnectionPolicy when you acquire a client session (see How to Acquire a Client Session that Uses a Named Connection Pool).

Creating an Internal Connection Pool

You can create an internal connection pool using the Workbench (see How to Create an Internal Connection Pool Using Workbench) or Java code. We recommend that you use the Workbench to create and manage your internal connection pools.

Alternatively, you can create internal connection pools in Java. For more information on creating sessions in Java, see the EclipseLink API Reference.

How to Create an Internal Connection Pool Using Workbench

Before you create a connection pool, you must first create a server session (see Creating a Server Session).

To create a new EclipseLink internal connection pool, use this procedure:

  1. Select the server session in the Navigator in which you want to create a connection pool.
  2. Create New Sequence Connection Pool button Click the appropriate button on the toolbar to create the type of connection pool you want:
    • To create a named connection pool, select Create a New Named Connection Pool, enter a name, and click OK.
    • To create a sequence connection pool, select Add the Sequence Connection Pool.
    • To create a write connection pool, select Add the Write Connection Pool.You can also create a new internal connection pool by right-clicking the server session configuration in the Navigator and selecting New > Named Connection Pool, Sequence Connection Pool, or Write Connection Pool from the context menu.

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