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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 3-September-08

These are the minutes for the Architecture Meeting for 3 September 2008.


  • Paul (minutes)
  • Jack
  • Tina
  • Leonard
  • Jimmy
  • Martin


  • Data Reporting
    • ERs i13
    • Bugs i13
    • ER 238345 Leonard
    • Create a subset of DOJO to redistributed with COSMOS - Sheldon - NO ER ???
  • Data Collection
    • ERs i13
    • Bugs i13
    • ER 242766 Create a subset of Axis2 to redistributed with COSMOS - Hubert.
  • Architecture (All Components)
    • i13 candidate status
    • [1] i13 Bugs
    • Usage of i13 plan and status
  • Around the room


Data Reporting

  • Martin confirmed as Team Lead for Data Reporting
  • No enhancements outstanding for i13
  • 1 bug outstanding for i13 (245568) Problem with UI concerning "Sample Repository with Query". Martin will have Leonard take a look to assess severity and whether this is a show stopper. Leonard thought he had seen this before.
  • Bug 238345 addressed by Leonard and JT. Fix submitted. Maybe some followup required. Loenard to confirm.
  • Repackaging of DOJO - No ER. Need to get a status from Sheldon/Ruth

Data Collection

  • No Enhancements outstanding for i13
  • 2 bugs outstanding for i13
    • 228266 - Raised by Saurabh concerning running JUNITS after build cycle. Paul will followup with Saurabh to see if still required
    • 242766 - Create a subset of Axis2 to redistributed with COSMOS. This needs to be completed for i13. Need to get a status from Hubert/Ruth. Hubert can't do anything until legal issues are resolved.


  • Reviewed list of ER's Open against i13 or no specified milestone (all components)
  • Doc issues will be reviewed on Friday 5th Sept Doc Review
  • i14 ER candidates will be reviewed over the next few weeks and finalized on Arch call.
  • Component leads will be updating the i13 status matrix to reflect current status

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