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(Data Collection)
(QA Tools)
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== QA Tools ==
== QA ==
* CA QA group have developed a testing framework for MDR's generated by COSMOS.
* Srinivas asked wheter there will be a candidate build this week - raise on community call.
* Jean-Pierre presented slides to show composition and operation of tool.
* All agreed that the tool would provide a benefit to COSMOS adopters.
* Craig will respond to several area's that the group raised for possible inclusion to the codeline in the unspecified future.

Revision as of 11:58, 29 September 2008

These are the minutes for the Architecture Meeting for 24 September 2008.


  • Paul (minutes)
  • Srinivas
  • Naveen
  • Ramesh
  • Leonard
  • Jimmy
  • Jack


  • Data Reporting
    • ERs i14
    • Bugs i14
  • Data Collection
    • ERs i14
    • Bugs i14
  • Architecture (All Components)
    • [1] i14 Bugs
    • Update i14 plan and status
  • Around the room


Data Reporting

  • 1 enhancements outstanding for i14
    • 229800 Provide DOJO simple method descriptions for services available in COSMOS

Defer to Future

  • 2 bugs deferred from i13
    • 247004 CMDB Graph Response Report : hardcoded path for report.jsp file.
    • 247149 CMDB Graph Response Report : Problem with SMLMDR Relationship report data.

Low priority for i14.

Data Collection

  • No Enhancements outstanding for i14
  • 4 bug outstanding
    • 228266 - Raised by Saurabh concerning running JUNITS after build cycle. Saurabh to update whether still required for i14.
    • 246561 - COSMOS CLI : Problem with GraphQuery command - Monica in progress
    • 246701 - CMDBfQueryBuilder - problem with mdrid for relationship queries - Defer to Future
    • 242766 - Create a subset of Axis2 to redistributed with COSMOS- Hubert


  • All agreed to recommend i13 closed to Community call.
  • Reviewed list of ER's Open against i13 or no specified milestone (all components)
  • i14 ER candidates will be reviewed over the next few weeks by component leads.
  • i13 status matrix has been updated to reflect current status


  • Srinivas asked wheter there will be a candidate build this week - raise on community call.

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