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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 24-March-09

Minutes for March 24, 2009 Architecture Meeting.


  • Mark M. (SAS)
  • David (IBM)
  • Jimmy (CA)
  • Mark J. (IBM)
  • Brad (CA)
  • Josh (SAS)
  • Jeff (SAS)


  • i3 status
  • RM update
    • Reconciliation Taxonomy renaming and status
  • SDD update
  • Resolution for Java version for 1.1?
    • Java 5 completes EOL in October
    • Need to consider 1.6 for 1.1 or if not plan a 1.2/2.0 for Java 6 support late in 2009
  • Around the room


TODO actions are indicated with person's name in bold

  • David asked for current development work, noting that we are in a shutdown phase focusing on critical items and documentation, given the increased quality and adoption expectations of milestone releases
  • Jeff trying to get in some work (both feature and defect work) for the resolution pieces this week
  • Limiting some of the things we want to do for M1, given the timeframe and the fact this is a milestone
  • David asked for some independent testing of this work to ensure milestone-level quality - Jeff to coordinate this
  • Jeff to mark the items deferred or in progress on i3 feature page
  • David to look at MDR toolkit issue, hopefully today, given its importance
  • Jason is working on user docs for runtime SDD components - unsure of status. David to ping Jason, and also ensure we have a bugzilla defect to track this.
  • Mark J. indicated that the Reconciliation Taxonomy name has led to confusion. They expect something other than what was intended. Taxonomy implies a detailed classification system. Marv Waschke from CA suggested that Federation and Reconciliation Catalog (FRC) would be a more accurate name. All documentation in CVS and wiki would need to be updated by Mark. Mark would post a blog entry to announce the change. No dramatic change to underlying content, but Marv would contribute to refining the document. Mark is asking for approval for the rename. David asked for any objections to the rename (while noting that Jason was fine with it). The rename was approved by virtue of there being no objections.
  • Mark said that multiple companies (including CA and IBM) all indicating early interest in extending and/or leveraging FRC.
  • Jimmy asking if there are plans to address a real / reference impl of an information model.
  • Mark said we would like to get update to COSMOS CMDBf support to update to latest CMDBf level and also to incorporate FRC support.
  • David mentioned that the FRC itself is hopefully going to help advance information model development, in addition to the existing datacenter example.
  • Brad working on forward looking implementation around OSGi. This promises to provide better infrastructure re: plugin models. Brad and Jeff have been doing proof of concept work, but premature to pull into i3; we will look at having something for i4. Brad to start creating features for the i4 feature list. Have proven so far that we can provide an interface for property providers, and can allow multiple impls to plug into that. Most examples on top of Equinox. Two different POCs going on right now: one is more SAS-centric, and one is CA-centric. For the latter, have been able to put an Equinox command interface on it, and also a simple Swing UI.
  • Unclear if any resolution has come regarding the question on Java 1.5 or 1.6 support. David to check with Jason and Ruth for the status.

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