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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 24-Jan-07











The primary focus of the meeting was to review the SML-IF document that will be used in the Eclipse Con Demo. The code is being worked on in CVS and is available here:

There were some corrections that needed to be made to the file to make it useable in the example. Specifically,

  • The relationship b/t the Tomcat and the deployed Application needed to be added back. (Ali)
  • Refactor the log to be logType and add this to the properties.xsd (Mark)

It was determined that when lookng in the database, the name of the resource and the log type would be used to retrieve the set of information about the resource.

It was recognized that a more accurate example would likely have separate XSDs for each distinct set of properties. However, for convenience, all the properties are in a single XSD file.

Action Items

  • Joel/Oliver/Seyva would take a pass at describing an "agent" in SML. This was going to be a textual description of the kind of information that would need to be expressed in SML
  • Joel suggested we do a BOF at Eclipse Con: "The Challenges of Using SML in Systems Management"

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