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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 24-February-09


  • Mark M. (SAS)
  • Josh (SAS)
  • Jeff (SAS)
  • Brad (CA)
  • Mark J. (IBM)
  • David (IBM)
  • Joe (IBM)
  • Ed (SAS)


  • i2 status
    • Test pass complete
    • Loose ends
  • i3 plans
  • RM update
  • SDD update
  • Around the room


  • i2 status -- test pass done for ME. Tests executed for ME and RM with some questions to Jimmy related to DC/DV jUnit tests that David sent in offline email. The other remaining loose end is the about.html license information related to JAXB. Ruth sent Jason updated about.html files to be checked in today. After that is complete Jason is to contact Ruth and Saurabh to patch the i2 build.
  • i3 plans -- items deferred from i2 are now in i3. Check for accuracy. ERs for the packaging tool and install tool are missing and Jeff is to add them this week. Josh and Jeff will also update design docs appropriately based on work that has taken place in the past week. No designs were prepared for discussion this week. Next week we will target a design discussion for the SDD change resolver. Josh indicated that designs for the profile module have not changed based on the updates Brad and Jason have made to the profile.
  • CL2 plans -- Joe is back and will follow-up within IBM to determine what if any of CL2 they are comfortable seeing implemented in the open.
  • RM update - David and Mark gave updates on RM. David indicated that the largest work item for RM is online help and he will be entering an ER for this work and adding it to the i3 feature page. Mark gave us an update on the RTX work that is ongoing and potential other interested parties in the work. David also added that John has been making some minor bug fixes in the RM code. Along the lines of growing the COSMOS community, Jason indicated that SAS will be demoing some of the working code they have to the OASIS TC in order to perhaps get more TC members involved in the COSMOS community.
  • SDD update - Jeff gave us an update on the runtime work. He has successfully installed the COSMOS demo using the P2 UI framework for GUI/CLI user interaction, the change analyzer, the change resolver and the SAS install tool as the operation handler. The install tool has been able to fire notifications to the P2 monitor to display progess bar information as well as individual file copy status. The COSMOS zip file operated on by the install tool was built using packaging technology that will also be contributed to Eclipse. Jason to determine the CQ process for this work.
  • Around the room -- no other topics from around the room.

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