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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 24-April-08

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These are the minutes for the Architecture Meeting for 4/24/08.


  • Martin
  • Srinivas
  • Jimmy
  • David
  • Tania
  • Hubert
  • Rich
  • Bill
  • Paul
  • Ali
  • Don
  • Sheldon
  • Jack
  • Leonard


  • 5 min: i10 build status
  • 20 min: Try to finalize both the current and future state COSMOS Architecture (Jimmy Mohsin)
    • Please refer to the email Jimmy sent to the cosmos-dev list at Mon 4/14/2008 9:58 AM
    • Ensure that Hubert's changes are reflected correctly in the current state
    • Talk about the future state and at least a very rough timeline for the same. Please note that there (obviously) will be phases in the future state delivery.
    • Discuss reworked diagram proposed by Hubert here: [1].
  • 25 min: Talk about COSMOS UI architecture. Discuss chaining components to add logging, testing and security support. Presentation Slides (Sheldon Lee-Loy)
  • 10 min: Talk about the plug-ins that will be archived in i11: (Ali Mehregani)


Build Status

  • 4 blocker defects
  • Hubert will fix the problem of having a local schema file
  • This change will affect toolkit
  • Bill has one more exception to fix
  • There are other fixes people want to get in
  • Tania requested people send out the template for fix approval
  • Jack mentioned that Aperi MDR setup is awkward, so it would be nice to ship sample database
  • A build respin was targeted for noon Friday

COSMOS Architecture (Jimmy)

  • Jimmy would like to produce something that a CIO or architect can use to get an understanding (two different levels of detail)
  • Jimmy will send out revised diagram based on input from Jack, Hubert, and others.
  • The second diagram again raised questions of the use of WSDM and the types of brokers in the labels
  • Will continue to discuss this next week
  • Sheldon asked whether more detail is needed on client

COSMOS UI architecture

  • Will defer this talk to future meeting, since we were short on time

API Cleanup

  • Ali has updated the document considerably to be clear on which plugins will be archived, and which will be combined
  • Will continue to work with individual subcomponents to confirm that the list of archived and combined plugins makes sense

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