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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 09-Jan-08


  • Valentina Popescu
  • Martin Simmonds
  • Paul Stratton
  • Hubert Leung
  • Bill Muldoon
  • John Todd
  • Sheldon Leeloy
  • Shivvy
  • David Whiteman
  • Jimmy Mohsin
  • Ali Mehregani
  • Jack Devine


Open Floor: Hot i8 issues

  • The current i8 is at risk because there are still issues with the annotations work. There are problems associated with this. See 209980 for the details.
  • There are problems with 209331. This is marked as resolved and fixed, however, Hubert is still having issues with this. This should be re-opened.
  • These issues could affect 212187, 212189.
  • The impact of this is that we would still have a dependency on the OSGi container--this would be the i7 deployment model. However, this part of the code is a bit more stable.
  • Part of the question is how smoothly the migration will go for the data manager. Joel's suggestion is to try and see how this would go.

--> Decisions:

  • We will stay on the i7 paradigm and maintain the dependency on osgi container and i7 annotations
  • Move 212189 to i9
  • Re-open 209331 and move to i9
  • Prioritize these the first week of i9
  • Produce a driver for the first week of dev in i9

We will need to have a call on Monday to cover/review the use cases.

Shivvy to discuss testing activities for i8

  • There will be manual tests captured for the end to end
  • The results will be checked in as TPTP test results

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