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Cosmos Architecture Meeting 07-April-09

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  • Brad (CA)
  • David (IBM)
  • Mark J. (IBM)
  • Mark M. (SAS)
  • Michael (SAS)
  • Jason (SAS)


  • i3 status
  • RM update
  • SDD update
  • Around the room


TODO actions are indicated with person's name in bold

  • Discussion on i3 indicates that we are ready to close on the milestone driver. Few changes have been pushed and none of the destablizing variety. Jason indicates that documentation for the SDD driver will be on the wiki only with pointers to the newer OSGi implementation that the team has been pursuing.
  • Features for iteration 4 are ready and we should add i4 features to this page by the end of this week. Iteration 4 opens for business on 4/20 so ERs for i4 need to be finalized this week.
  • A reminder that i4 is only a 4 week iteration with 2 weeks of development and 2 weeks of test.
  • The SDD team has the OSGi implementation in a staging area to be committed once i4 opens. Package names have been refactored as part of this re-work so Jason is to let Saurabh know when to remove the existing packages.
  • Brad and Jason discussed the declaritive approach for defining the OSGi bundles and the SDD work will use this approach. It will be included as part of the i4 check-in.
  • David noted no major updates on the FRC. The team continues to make progress there and have been getting some feedback from folks outside of the COSMOS community.
  • Adjourn

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