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== Promote Eclipse Technologies ==
== Promote Eclipse Technologies ==
* [ Teach with Eclipse]
* [ Teach with Eclipse]
* If you or your company is looking for a framework then give Eclipse a try. There are [ more than 100 projects].
== Share Your Knowledge ==
== Share Your Knowledge ==

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This page is currently under construction. Community members are encouraged to maintain the page, and make sure the information is accurate.
See bug 280730 and Discussion
Other Get(ting) Involved/Contribute sites: Mozilla, Gimp, NetBeans

Get Involved

So you want to help? Great! You don't have to be an Eclipse guru or code monkey to help. There are many ways to help Eclipse development, from bug reports to translations.

Promote Eclipse Technologies

Share Your Knowledge


Help translate Eclipse into other languages

Report Bugs and Enhancements

  • Eclipse projects are actively developed. Most projects have nightly builds and stable weekly integration builds. To help out, download these builds before the releases and report bugs.
  • Report Enhancements
  • Vote for bugs

Fix Bugs or Implement Enhancements

  • Is there some bug that really bothers you? Instead of just reporting it, fix it. This is the beauty of opensource!
To learn how the bug-fixing process works, check out the bug reporting FAQ:
To learn about the lifecycle of bugzilla entries, check out the development process

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