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Context Data Model 1.1 Open Issues

Revision as of 16:56, 29 January 2008 by (Talk | contribs) (General)

Related to higgins.owl

  1. Ability to declare user-defined Classes to be 'closed', that is instances of them should follow the class definition, but not include any other "extra" properties.


  1. Need to document that uniqueIdentifiers are immutable
  2. Max cardinality of lastVerifiedFromSource and lastVerifyAttempt should be 1 not N


  1. Need a simple-to-follow set of pictures that explain the data model
  2. Anything on this page should be logged in bugzilla
  3. Tom: we need to add a lot of definition to the Higgins Data Model pages. It should say, for exmaple, that your data types MUST and SHOULD existing data types. We need to reflect these changes within the Higgins Data Model pages.
  4. Tony: We don't have a simplified description of the data model
  5. Mixed attribute value data types
    1. Most agree that we should not mix [Paul reversed his opinion on this (he now agrees with allowing mixed types)]
      1. Daniel points out that it would still be good to pass type on each value add:
        2. (and follow-ups)
  6. Many same-types attributes
  7. Allow zero-valued attributes
  8. Closed or open simple data types

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