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Context Data Model 1.1 Open Issues

Revision as of 18:48, 29 September 2006 by (Talk | contribs) (Related to Higgins.owl)

Related to higgins.owl

  1. Higgins.owl: we need to add the full set of DatatypeAttribute subclasses that correspond to the XML Schema types. We currently have only StringDatatypeAttribute, Base64BinaryDatatypeAttribute, NormalizedStringDatatypeAttribute but need to add all the rest.
  2. At present, other than having an Attribute subclass for each of the std OWL (XML Schema-based) literal datatypes, we have defined no ObjectAttribute subclasses. The question is should we go a bit further and define some very common complex types such as postalAddress? or even tricky singled-stringed values such as zipcode?
  3. We need to develop an example of an ontology that is based on higgins.owl but that emphasises how to model relationships between Digital Subjects
  4. The 'source' metadata property is currently a SubjectRelationship (that points to a Digital Subject that is usually in some other Context). But there are times when we know more; when we know the source Attribute held by the "source" Digital Subject. Maybe we need 'sourceSubject' and 'sourceSubjectAttriubte'?

Related to higgins.owl's relationship to the IdAS API

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