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(Related to higgins.owl)
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# <none>
# <none>
==See Also==
==See Also==
* [[IdAS Data Model]]
* [ Higgins Home]
* [[Higgins Data Model]]

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Related to higgins.owl

  1. The 'source' metadata property is currently a SubjectRelationship (that points to a Digital Subject that is usually in some other Context). But there are times when we know more; when we know the source Attribute held by the "source" Digital Subject. Maybe we need 'sourceSubject' and 'sourceSubjectAttribute'?

Require moving to OWL-Full

  1. Ability to declare user-defined Classes to be 'closed', that is instances of them should follow the class definition, but not include any other "extra" properties.
  2. Ability to use user-defined XML Schema types in Attribute values (at present we are restricted to the base XML Schema data types)


  1. Need to document that uniqueIdentifiers are immutable
  2. Max cardinality of lastVerifiedFromSource and lastVerifyAttempt should be 1 not N

Related to higgins.owl's relationship to the IdAS API

  1. <none>

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