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Component Request (Buckminster)

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Component Request

A Component Request is a pointer that specifies a component by name, category, and suitable version(s) of that component.

A component request consists of:

  • name, the name of the component
  • category, the category that the component is a member of
  • VersionDesignator, i.e. a reference to a version, or range of versions
  • VersionType, a reference to a class that can understand the VersionDesignator string.


The name of the wanted component.


The optional Component Category that the component is a member of. When supplied, the category is used as a discriminating value by the advisor nodes of the Component Query and the providers of the Resource Map.

Version Designator

A Version Designator is "a pointer to one, or a range of versions". As an example, a version designator for all versions from 1.2.3 inclusive to 4.5.6 inclusive is written as: [1.2.3, 4.5.6].

Version Type

A Version Type is a class that is used to parse and understand a plain version; "a pointer to a specific version". More specifically, a Version Type will be asked to parse and compare the text between the delimiters in a Version Designator.

In the request you must supply the name of the Version Type that understands the plain version strings you have used in the version designator.


Name: Foobar
VersionDesignator: [1.0.0,3.2.1]
VersionType: OSGiVersionType

This is a request for the "Foobar" component of any version larger or equal to version 1.0.0, and smaller or equal to 3.2.1. The OSGiVersionType is supplied with Buckminster and understands a standard numbering scheme. See Version Type for more information.

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